Breakfree from the Traditional Cold Emailing Tools

With over 15+ years of cold email marketing experience, we built a custom platform to help you consistently generate quality leads through cold email marketing.

Other Cold Email Tools

Outreach Email Accounts For Cold Emailing

NOT INCLUDED NOT INCLUDED Buy your own outreach domains and email accounts from GoDaddy, Zoho, Gsuite, etc

INCLUDED INCLUDED We provide you with outreach domains and email accounts

Email Authentication

NOT INCLUDED NOT INCLUDED Manually set up authentication protocols (DKIM, DMARC, SPF)

INCLUDED INCLUDED All authentication protocols are automatically setup for optimum deliverability

Email Warmup

INCLUDED IN SOME INCLUDED IN SOME Warmup technology varies and most platforms outsource their warmup

INCLUDED INCLUDED Our built-in email warmup interacts with thousands of real inboxes and leverages AI to replicate human-like engagement

Troubleshooting with ESP

NOT INCLUDED NOT INCLUDED Troubleshooting your inboxes when you have deliverability concerns

INCLUDED INCLUDED All troubleshooting steps are performed by our team to help you save time and hassle

Email List Cleaning and Validation

INCLUDED IN SOME INCLUDED IN SOME This feature is limited on some platforms and may require additional cost for cleaning and validating email addresses

INCLUDED INCLUDED Automailer cleans your list by running every email address through a rigorous 18-point verification process

Time to Launch Campaign

14 TO 21 DAYS WARMUP TYPE 14 TO 21 DAYS Minimum wait time to launch campaign is at least 14 Days in order to build reputation for your new domains and email accounts

Account Setup 1-7 Days Your account is setup with pre-warmed email and domains, so you can launch your campaign on day 1

Deliverability Guarantee

NOT AVAILABLE Since you’re connecting your own email accounts, they have no control over your inbox rates.

High Delivery INCLUDED Get 90% or higher deliverability rates or your next month’s service is on us.

Here are 8 Reasons Why Successful
Cold Emailers Choose Automailer

  • Simple Software
    Skip the Setup, Dive into Results

    Simply load your list, craft your message, and hit send.

  • High Inbox
    High Inbox Placement Guarantee

    If you don’t get over 90% deliverability, we’ll replace your email accounts or provide a month of free service.

  • Automated Warmup
    Automated Warmup

    Built-in AI warmup technology automatically works on your email reputation

  • Email Message Review
    Email Message Review and Scoring

    Send us your email template and we’ll review and score them for free.

Reasons to Choose Us
  • Team Management
    Team Management

    Get visibility in your team’s performance to optimize low performing campaigns

  • Built-in Email Verification
    Built-in Email Verification

    Clean your list before sending emails to maximize deliverability

  • Live Chat Support
    Live Chat Support

    Get help when you need it from a live person, not a bot

  • Auto Reply Detection
    Auto Reply Detection

    Catches auto responses and automatically reschedules the next email

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do you mean by outreach email accounts included?

    Typically, a cold email tool requires you to buy separate email accounts to connect into their system in order to send out cold emails. Automailer eliminates the hassle by including authenticated and reputable email accounts in all plans.

  • How does your deliverability guarantee work?

    We guarantee that you’ll get high deliverability on your email campaigns. If you get less than 90% deliverability, simply reach out to us and we’ll provide you with replacement email accounts or a month of free service, your choice. The only thing we ask is that you follow our email outreach guidelines and recommendations when provided.

  • Do you offer a free trial?

    Unfortunately, we cannot offer free trials and here’s why: In order to provide you with the best experience, we have to setup your account with reputable email accounts that relate to your industry. This adds costs to our platform and therefore we aren’t able to offer free trial. However, talk to our sales expert and we’ll try our best to accommodate your request.

  • Are cold emails effective?

    Yes, cold email marketing has the BEST ROI for lead generation because it’s cost-effective and easily scalable. Any business serious about sales should have cold email marketing in its tool belt.

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