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With over 15+ years of cold email marketing experience, we built a custom platform to help you consistently generate quality leads through cold email marketing.

8 Reasons Why Cold Email
Experts Prefer AutoMailer

  • Easy to Setup

    Connect your email and launch your campaign in less than 10 Minutes

  • Ability to Scale

    Increase your sending volume from hundreds to thousands per day

  • Automated Warmup

    Built-in AI warmup technology automatically works on your email reputation

  • Custom Tokens

    Personalize your prospecting emails by adding custom fields in your messages

  • Team Management

    Get visibility in your team’s performance to optimize low performing campaigns

  • Built-in Email Verification

    Clean your list before sending emails to maximize deliverability

  • Live Chat Support

    Get help when you need it from a live person, not a bot.

  • Auto Reply Detection

    Catches auto responses and automatically reschedules the next email

Automate Your Team’s Cold Email Outreach

Send personalized email campaigns at scale. Just add your prospect list, create a campaign, and let automation do the rest!

  • Setup email sequences and follow-ups in minutes
  • Manage multiple email accounts and team members
  • Eliminate manual outreach and send thousands of emails at once
  • Add personalized links and messages per contact

Increase Inbox Placement with Email Warmup

Land in prospect’s inbox and generate more leads. Our built in email warmup service allows you to bypass spam algorithms by improving your sender reputation using AI generated sales

  • Large network of credible inboxes for positive interactions Advance AI replicating human-like email engagement
  • Improve reputation on new email accounts and repair bad ones

Manage Your Replies and Leads in AutoMailer

Get complete control of your inbox by seeing every response from prospects. AutoMailer will also detect automated responses like OOO messages to save you time on managing leads.

  • Reschedule Out-of-Office responses
  • Manage all leads in one place
  • Respond to prospects within the platform

Get Meaningful Insights on Your Email Campaigns

See how your campaigns are performing, identify any opportunities, and quickly optimize low performing campaigns with AutoMailer.

  • Easily monitor team activity from a central dashboard
  • Track your opens, clicks, and replies
  • Get Deliverability Reports and bounce back rates

AutoMailer easily connects
with email providers you already use

Integrate your email account in less than a minute and start sending right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use my own emails?

    Yes, you can use your existing email accounts and connect them to AutoMailer. However, we always recommend using a separate email domain for prospecting and not your main website for cold email marketing.

  • Why do you require a credit card upfront?

    Honestly.....we ask for credit cards to see if you’re serious. We’ve invested a lot in our onboarding process to ensure you get the best support in successfully launching your cold email campaigns. Please remember, you can use AutoMailer at no-charge during your free trial. Your card will only be charged after the free-trial ends.

  • How are you different than other cold email softwares?

    Our differentiation comes from our relentless commitment to our customers’ outbound success. We’ve built out features, guides, and countless other tools (at reason) to ensure our customers stay happy.

  • Are cold emails effective?

    Yes, cold email marketing has the BEST ROI for lead generation because it’s cost-effective and easily scalable. Any business serious about sales should have cold email marketing in its toolbelt.

  • Do I have to pay for the list verification and email warmup services

    No, email verification and warmup service are included in all plans. You can add additional credits if you’d like by contacting support.

  • How many emails can I send from one email account?

    We do not put any restriction on the number of outbound emails though we recommend starting with lower quantities in the beginning and scale after you’ve built some positive reputation for your domain. Also, most email providers like Outlook and Gmail limit your send from 300 emails to 2,000 a day.

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