300+ million Cold Emails Sent

300+ Million

Cold Emails Sent

2 Million Leads Generated

2+ Million

Leads Generated

Satisfaction Guarantee


Satisfaction Guarantee

15+ years of experience

15+ Years


Breakfree From The Traditional
Cold Email Platforms

Tired of complex setups and configurations before you can even send an email? That’s why we built Automailer. To remove the hassle and make cold emailing simple.

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    Outreach email accounts and domains included on all plans

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    DMARC, DKIM, and SPF automatically setup for high deliverability

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    Review your message score before launching your campaign

Experience the Difference with Automailer's
All-Inclusive Cold Email Platform

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    Skip the Setup, Dive into Results

    Simply load your list, craft your message, and hit send.

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    High Inbox Placement Guarantee

    If you don’t get over 90% deliverability, we’ll replace your email accounts or provide a month of free service.

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    Automated Warmup

    Built-in AI warmup technology automatically works on your email reputation

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    Email Message Review and Scoring

    Send us your email template and we’ll review and score them for free.

Reasons why us
  • Icon for Team Management
    Team Management

    Get visibility in your team’s performance to optimize low performing campaigns

  • Icon Built-in Email Verification
    Built-in Email Verification

    Clean your list before sending emails to maximize deliverability

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    Live Chat Support

    Get help when you need it from a live person, not a bot

  • Icon for Auto Reply Detection
    Auto Reply Detection

    Catches auto responses and automatically reschedules the next email

Automate Your Team’s Cold Email Outreach

Send personalized email campaigns at scale. Just add your prospect list, create a campaign, and let automation do the rest!

  • Setup email sequences and follow-ups in minutes
  • Manage multiple email accounts and team members
  • Eliminate manual outreach and send thousands of emails at once
  • Add personalized links and messages per contact
Create Email Sequence interface

Increase Inbox Placement with Email Warmup

Land in prospect’s inbox and generate more leads. Our built-in email warmup service allows you to bypass spam algorithms by improving your sender reputation using AI generated sales

  • Large network of credible inboxes for positive interactions Advance AI replicating human-like email engagement
  • Improve reputation on new email accounts and repair bad ones
Email Warmup Feature

Manage Your Replies and Leads in AutoMailer

Get complete control of your inbox by seeing every response from prospects. AutoMailer will also detect automated responses like OOO messages to save you time on managing leads.

  • Reschedule Out-of-Office responses
  • Manage all leads in one place
  • Respond to prospects within the platform
Reply section in automailer

Get Meaningful Insights on Your Email Campaigns

See how your campaigns are performing, identify any opportunities, and quickly optimize low performing campaigns with AutoMailer.

  • Easily monitor team activity from a central dashboard
  • Track your opens, clicks, and replies
  • Get Deliverability Reports and bounce back rates
Dashboard from Automailer Software

Looking to bring your own email accounts?
No problem! We connect with most ESPs

Integrate your email account in less than a minute and start sending right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do you mean by outreach email accounts included?

    Typically, a cold email tool requires you to buy separate email accounts to connect into their system in order to send out cold emails. Automailer eliminates the hassle by including authenticated and reputable email accounts in all plans.

  • What type of outreach email accounts are my campaigns going to be sent from?

    The outreach accounts our system uses are from reputable hosting providers are aged and warmed up, ready for sending. Plus, you’ll get domains related to your industry/niche.

  • How does your deliverability guarantee work?

    Our differentiation comes from our relentless commitment to our customers’ outbound success. We’ve built out features, guides, and countless other tools (at reason) to ensure our customers stay happy.

  • Do you offer a free trial?

    Unfortunately, we cannot offer free trials and here’s why: In order to provide you with the best experience, we have to setup your account with reputable email accounts that relate to your industry. This adds costs to our platform and therefore we aren’t able to offer free trial. However, talk to our sales expert and we’ll try our best to accommodate your request.

  • How does your deliverability guarantee work?

    We guarantee that you’ll get high deliverability on your email campaigns. If you get less than 90% deliverability, simply reach out to us and we’ll provide you with replacement email accounts or a month of free service, your choice. The only thing we ask is that you follow our email outreach guidelines and recommendations when provided.

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